Miranda’s eyes

When I met Miranda, I crouched down to her level
Looked into her eyes
And saw more than I could have imagined


photo credit Moriah Newhouse


Her eyes reflected fear and trust and desperation all at once
She clung to me with those eyes
Beautiful eyes

At night, eyes shut, she clung to me with her hands
Clung like her life depended on it
Maybe it did

I used to wonder what terrible things those eyes had seen
What made them wide with fear when I ran water for her bath
What made her shut them tight when I lit a candle

I still wonder
And I wonder something more
I wonder what her eyes are seeing now

Is she still blinded
By the pain and lies and betrayal she faced
All those things that blocked her way when I first saw her?

I pray Miranda has been healed
I pray the Savior has touched her eyes
I pray He has enabled those eyes to focus on His face

I pray they reflect fear infrequently
I pray they see trustworthy people all around
I pray they are now shut to desperation

And open to the Light

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