The Body

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photo courtesy of JFA

I think about the body a lot at JFA seminars and outreach events. The obvious reason is the ubiquitous phrase, “My Body, My Choice!” But there’s another body that comes to mind: the body of Christ.
During a seminar, the whole team must work together to teach the content and mentor volunteers. The cooperation continues on campus.
Take these two conversations, for example…

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the Beethoven argument, revisited

Viewer discretion advised

The Beethoven argument in a nutshell:
“Abortion may deprive us of the next Beethoven”
The classic rebuttal:
“And it may save us from the next Hitler”

The Beethoven argument revisited:
the short film above

Genius {in my opinion}

Instead of simply arguing that a life saved may make a great impact
the story here offers hope that any life invested in may make a great impact

Life is valuable
And I don’t just mean the unborn life
Because this story is about the mother

“Discordant notes ruin the symphony.
What if you embrace the discordant note?
And use it to start a new melody.”

Overcome the insecurity

I’m not sure…
…but I want to try

One does not have to be sure of how to do a thing in order to begin.

It scares me…
…but it will be worth it

One does not have to be fearless in order to attempt great things.

Someone is better…
…but I’m not the worst

One does not have to be the best in order to do a thing well.

So begin…

…attempt great things…

…and do them well.



He was my baby
the little one who taught me how to nurture
when I first met him, he wasn’t mine, but I claimed him anyway
a couple year later he officially joined our family
my little bro

nine years later
(Really? Nine whole years have passed?)
this little guy’s growing up too fast
growing into a man

A man after God’s own heart
A man learning virtue
A man learning grace
A man learning love
A man of God

Keep growing, little man
Grow to be the man God has created you to be


What is success?

photo courtesy of JFA

photo courtesy of JFA

Taryn, a newly trained volunteer, looked discouraged when I asked her how her day at outreach was going. She told me about a conversation she had just had, deeming it a failure. My mind immediately went to a similar experience I had back in 2011…

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