saving a life

{inspired by a true story, names changed for privacy}

for Carl, saving a life was very hands-on
holding the gashes on Shea’s wrists shut
while the paramedics rushed
much, much too slowly
to her side

I was tempted to think he must be lying
not because I didn’t believe him
but because I didn’t want
the awful story
to be true

but the misery in his eyes made it clear:
although he too wished it were not true
the dreadful fact was
she attempted to
end her life

he was there
and because he was
she survived another day
and another, and then another
at this point in the story his eyes got brighter

every day
she wanted to die
but chose to live life instead
he helped her to begin to believe
the awful story could (and would) be redeemed

at her side
slowly, but surely
as the scars on her wrists healed
she learned to cling to hope, love, and faith
for Shea, saving a life was very hands-on


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