The Power of Listening

photo courtesy of Justice For All


By Tuesday afternoon, I was ready to go home, but we still had a few more hours of outreach at The University of Kansas (KU). I wasn’t motivated to seek out a conversation, so God met me in my weakness and sent me Daniel…

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who am I really?

Inspired by a strong, beautiful woman who has a birthday today. Seeing her grasp her true identity has encouraged me to do the same. Get to know her by clicking here.

shannon marie and audrey hepburn

photo courtesy of Shannon Marie

on the outside I’m Audrey Hepburn
or maybe Cleopatra
a woman, beautiful and strong

but on the inside I’m Mara Wilson
or maybe Cosette
a child, scared and scarred

sometimes I can thrive outside myself
escape the dungeon of my mind
and be that woman people see

but sometimes I suffer inside myself
forgetting the external world
knowing only childish terror

who is the real me?

are they lies
the pictures people see
a masquerade?

or could it be
that I’m the one who can’t see
past the facade?

yes, once
I was a child
scared and scarred

but now
I am a woman
strong and beautiful

free to love

a mother’s love
doesn’t just flow from a mama to her biological child
sometimes a mother’s love
flows from a single girl
to a child whose mama can’t hold her today

a brother’s love
isn’t limited to those who share genetics
sometimes a brother’s love
is strongest between those
who share a Heavenly Father

a friend’s love
shouldn’t be confined to relationships that have been proven
sometimes a friend’s love
must be extended to one
I’ve just met

what is truth?

“what is truth?”
a sincere question?
or an insolent retort?

from Pontius Pilate
to the freshman at Kansas State University
the words are often repeated

for the sincere questioner
the truth about Truth
may be revealed (full definition):
1. the true or actual state of a matter:
2. conformity with fact or reality; verity:
3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.

but perhaps for the sincere questioner
(the one who really wants to know Truth)
this question is the wrong place to begin

ἀλήθεια {aletheia}
literally “not-lie”
truth; fact; knowledge

to ask, “what is truth?”
is to request knowledge
to seek out the facts

not a bad desire
but in order to know Truth
perhaps there is a better question to pose

the one who really wants to know should ask, “Who is Truth?”
for Truth is more than facts and knowledge
he is the foundation, established from the beginning

אֱמֶת {emeth}
truth; firmness; faithfulness

if only Pilate would have known what to ask
he would have found the answer right in front of him
for before him stood Yeshua, the Truth

moments after asking, “what is truth?”
Pilate sent the embodiment of Truth to His death
and the very foundations of the earth were shaken

but Truth was not only established from the beginning
Truth is established forever
and not even death itself could hold Him

Yeshua, the living Truth
rose from the dead
Truth cannot be destroyed

this is the truth that I want the freshman at Kansas State University to know
as well as all other sincere questioners that I may encounter:
Truth stands firm when every other foundation has been shaken

for the mothers without children in their arms

{originally published on Heavenly Princess}

When a mother loses a child – through abortion, miscarriage, foster care, or something else – the pain is real…and lasting. My heart goes out to those mothers today.

I’m a mother too
No one knows
And the people who once knew have forgotten
Maybe they think I want them to forget
Maybe they think I’ve forgotten
Maybe I want to
But I can’t
How can a mother forget her child?

I remember
When I see a child the age of the one I don’t have
When I wake in the night and my baby isn’t there
When I least expect it
I remember

I am not alone
We are among you
Hiding in plain sight
Beside you in the classroom
Behind you in church
Before you at work

If you know one of us
If you haven’t forgotten
But think we have
Know that we haven’t
And please
Let us know you haven’t either
Because we are mothers too