who am I really?

Inspired by a strong, beautiful woman who has a birthday today. Seeing her grasp her true identity has encouraged me to do the same. Get to know her by clicking here.

shannon marie and audrey hepburn

photo courtesy of Shannon Marie

on the outside I’m Audrey Hepburn
or maybe Cleopatra
a woman, beautiful and strong

but on the inside I’m Mara Wilson
or maybe Cosette
a child, scared and scarred

sometimes I can thrive outside myself
escape the dungeon of my mind
and be that woman people see

but sometimes I suffer inside myself
forgetting the external world
knowing only childish terror

who is the real me?

are they lies
the pictures people see
a masquerade?

or could it be
that I’m the one who can’t see
past the facade?

yes, once
I was a child
scared and scarred

but now
I am a woman
strong and beautiful


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