six months in to “lovein2015”

on January first of this year, I shared my word for the year
what have I learned thus far?

To love at all is to be vulnerable.
~C.S. Lewis

these words of C.S. Lewis sum up and describe my experiences
when I look back on what I have tagged “lovein2015” a pattern emerges

I have become sensitive to both the freedom and necessity of love
whether walking to work or remembering lost loved ones

I have likewise become keenly aware of my own fear
how, in the name of self-protection, I keep love hidden

I have learned that love is often synonymous with vulnerability
love may be a great risk but it’s more risky not to love

I have six more months to love in 2015…the question is: will I?
or will I fear vulnerability and shy away from love?

please share your thoughts...

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