desire’s deception

the fairest of them all, he said
complexion flawless, nose demure
lips and cheeks a peaceful solace
lashes perfect, tresses pure

I read a romance in his eyes
believing all he said was true
in many ways he said he loved me
words contrived my heart to woo

I faltered then and looked away
saved by wisdom’s coup d’état
betraying what I might become
should beauty fade and youth withdraw

the root of any grace he saw
was deep and buried in my soul
the trouble – I stepped back, now wary –
outward beauty he extolled

I pulled away, a bit afraid
of how I’d almost been seduced
refused his bid to draw me close
naivete was no excuse

his eyes now gray with pseudo pain
discreetly hiding his desire
to acquiesce would be a sin
why did I ever fan this fire?

once more his words came fervidly
my ears refused to hear this guile
yet how to tell him we were through
while dazzled by that Cheshire smile?

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