Framing Faith {book review}

In Framing Faith, Matt Knisely puts life in perspective
the metaphor is photography

each part of the book – FOCUS, CAPTURE, DEVELOP – applies not only to photography
but also to life

For me, each photo I take needs to say something very clearly. The message and the meaning cannot be ambiguous. The images shape my half-articulated feelings, casting light into my inner depths and exposing my deepest, truest self.

The way I process my work is a reflection of how I process life.

~Matt Knisely in Framing Faith

I read the book because my sister and my dad are photographers
in fact, I got the book for my sister
but wanted to read and review it before giving it to her
I didn’t think it would be very applicable to me personally
but I was wrong
because the images expressed on the pages of this book
reveal the truth about every art form
photography, writing . . . and simply doing life

[Writers] write with detailed precision in an attempt to make sure every word counts, so that only the backspace key knows the true work that has been put into a sentence.

~Matt Knisely in Framing Faith

I recommend this book to artists of all kinds
that they may gain a deeper understanding of the art of making art
as well as the art of life

And I recommend this book to those who don’t think they are artists
that they may find that they too create art
in their everyday lives

I received this book free from the publisher through BookLook
I was not required to write a positive review
The opinions I have expressed are my own

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