From Outrage to Outreach

This summer three of my siblings and my dad visited me in Kansas. Here we are beneath the Keeper of the Plains statue (the site of the story I relate in this month’s newsletter).

In last month’s newsletter I encouraged you to go beyond simply being outraged about abortion and instead reach out to someone who might think that abortion is not wrong. School isn’t in session right now, so JFA focuses more time on preparations for the coming year than on our outreach events on university campuses. I didn’t let that stop me from having conversations about abortion, though. My coworker Eva and I went down to the Arkansas River with a survey about the Planned Parenthood videos to talk with people about abortion. I wrote a poem about one of our encounters…

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words fail me

words are usually my medium of choice
I’m told I’m skilled at using words to create art
but often, words fail me

when emotion runs deep
words feel so shallow

when reality is rich
words seem so dry

I write to try to ascribe meaning to emotions
to understand experiences
but often, words fail me

the prose falls flat
when describing fascinating feelings

the poetry seems stale
when attempting to show sentiment

still, words continue to flow out
because without an outlet, they stagnate inside
yet often, words fail me

text message from God

face in my pillow, sheet over my head
“where are you?” I ask
whispering into the dark
not because I think He isn’t there
but because I know He is
like calling out to your friend
when the lights go out in a cave

my phone vibrates
I didn’t know God had my number
“…be blessed today…”
God’s name isn’t at the top of my screen when I read the message
but the name of one of His children is
an obedient child, delivering a message for his Father

“I’m with you”
says the text, though not in so many words
“I see you”
“I hear”
“I provide what you need, right when you need it”

sometimes what I need is some great miracle
and other times
I just need a simple text

after the tears {spoken word guest post}

a beautiful spoken word testimony from my dear friend and sister Moriah
many thanks to her for allowing me to share it with my readers
her poetic voice is beautiful and strong and touching
play the video to let her reach out and touch you