it’s time to cut you off

that’s it.
I’m not putting up with you any longer.
you’ve got to go.

I’m not going to mess with any
“it’s not you it’s me”

it’s not me it’s you.
it’s time to say goodbye.
I’m done pretending I love you.

it’s time to cut you off,
as hard as it may be
to separate myself from you.

my identity was wrapped up in you.
who will I be without you?
I’ve been afraid to know myself apart from you.

but today…
today I bid you

I feel lighter.
I didn’t realize how much you were weighing me down.
it feels good to be free.

I’ll miss you.
life’s going to be different without you.
but honestly? it’ll be different in a good way.

note: Things may not be as they appear. Did you think you were reading about a boyfriend/girlfriend break-up? Well, this is actually a Dear John letter to my long hair. Go ahead, reread it. 😉




jordan elisheva – a new adventure

“Oh, you sew? Do you make all your clothes?” 
I wish.

I wish I spent more time in my sewing room
than in cramped department-store fitting rooms

I wish my closet held clothes I would be proud of
instead of a mish-mash of cheap impulse buys

I wish I knew who made my clothes
beyond “a faceless sweatshop worker”

I wish I invested in what I love
instead of wasting time and money on what I don’t

And sometimes wishes do come true – when you transform them into goals! I’m doing just that and I’m helping other people achieve similar goals by proposing a simple solution. Visit my new website to see what I mean: