JFA Newsletters

For 18 months I was a full-time pro-life advocate while interning with Justice For All (JFA).
My newsletters from that time are archived below.

November – You’re Valuable
In which I share a poem expressing my heart for the people I meet at outreach events

October – Walking Away
In which I overcome the temptation to walk away from a conversation and instead leave Charlie with something to walk away with

September – Can a Crowd Have a Conversation?
In which my colleague Rebecca tells the story of a conversation involving nearly a dozen people with varying opinions

August – From Outrage to Outreach
In which I share a poem telling the story of a conversation about abortion that took place in the shadow of the Keeper of the Plains

July – Everyone’s Talking About Abortion What Will You Say?
In which I comment on the recent social media frenzy and suggest a course of action

June – God Strengthens Those He Calls
In which I reflect on God’s faithfulness, and look forward to His continued faithfulness in the future

May – The Power of Listening
In which I simply listen, and in so doing make a big difference for one young man

April – Ready and Eager for the Next Conversation
In which I and some newly-trained volunteers share how JFA has made us ready for the next tough conversation

March – Hurt and Healing After Abortion
In which a young man shares with me a tragic story that is not without redemption

February – “I’d Never Have an Abortion!” (Or Would She?)
In which sharing His love made a difference in a frightened young woman’s perspective on abortion

January – Charity on the Metro
In which Executive Director Steve Wagner recounts a classic JFA story that our trainers tell during presentations and seminars


December – JFA and Me: What’s Next?
In which I share six stories from the years I’ve spent volunteering with JFA and announce the next big step I will be taking

November – The Body
In which God uses His people to show Himself to a couple of students

October – What is Success?
In which I pass on to Taryn the encouragement that Trent gave me three years ago

September – Labor Days
In which we hear from JFA’s spring and summer training participants

August – Out of the Mouths of Babies
In which John Michener uses the Independence Survey to engage children in conversation

July – SW + FW = RW
In which Conny goes beyond the seminar and outreach to save a life

May – Jordan Crosses the Jordan
In which I step out of my comfort zone and talk to strangers in a coffee shop

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