the full empty bottle

Every day in October, I’m sharing poetry-writing inspiration, exercises, and prompts on for the #31poems challenge. This is the poem I wrote in response to today’s prompt:

Once, the bottle held mead,
sweet drink of celebration,
but now it sits empty, forgotten.
Forgotten by most who tasted its offering,
but not by me.

I kept it,
set it next to the cobalt bottle
that’s the same height,
but not the same shape.
The mead bottle is more elegant,
appearing more elegant still next to the cobalt bottle.

I don’t think it’s really empty.
I pick it up;
it’s heavy with memories of the day.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this poem, visit today’s #31poems post.

pushy notifications

good morning, time to check the phone
see what I missed while I was sleeping
doesn’t matter if it’s overcast or sunny
my phone lights up by itself

throughout the day I never worry
I won’t miss out on the social media scene while distracted with life
my friends tag and @mention me
and my phone tells me each time

in the middle of something
phone dings and vibrates too
to make sure I don’t miss any notification
I’ll either hear or feel it

all day

I either hear or feel it
I don’t miss notifications, but I do miss life
phone dinging and vibrating
in the middle of everything

and my phone tells me each time
my friends are stupid or clever
and while I’m distracted with the social media scene, I miss out on life
I worry my days will pass me by

I decide to darken my phone
now I notice the clouds and the sun and…
see what I’ve missed while in a phone-coma
good morning, time to set down the phone