what is truth?

“what is truth?”
a sincere question?
or an insolent retort?

from Pontius Pilate
to the freshman at Kansas State University
the words are often repeated

for the sincere questioner
the truth about Truth
may be revealed

dictionary.com (full definition):
1. the true or actual state of a matter:
2. conformity with fact or reality; verity:
3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.

but perhaps for the sincere questioner
(the one who really wants to know Truth)
this question is the wrong place to begin

ἀλήθεια {aletheia}
literally “not-lie”
truth; fact; knowledge

to ask, “what is truth?”
is to request knowledge
to seek out the facts

not a bad desire
but in order to know Truth
perhaps there is a better question to pose

the one who really wants to know should ask, “Who is Truth?”
for Truth is more than facts and knowledge
he is the foundation, established from the beginning

אֱמֶת {emeth}
truth; firmness; faithfulness

if only Pilate would have known what to ask
he would have found the answer right in front of him
for before him stood Yeshua, the Truth

moments after asking, “what is truth?”
Pilate sent the embodiment of Truth to His death
and the very foundations of the earth were shaken

but Truth was not only established from the beginning
Truth is established forever
and not even death itself could hold Him

Yeshua, the living Truth
rose from the dead
Truth cannot be destroyed

this is the truth that I want the freshman at Kansas State University to know
as well as all other sincere questioners that I may encounter:
Truth stands firm when every other foundation has been shaken

a single word

What meaning is contained
in a single word?

In the months leading up to January 2013
I began to know the meaning of hope
So hope became the single word for 2013
And that year I learned the meaning of hope even more deeply

In the months leading up to January 2014
I began to wonder what it could mean to go
So go became the single word for 2014
And that year I learned to be willing to go, even deep into the unknown

In the months leading up to January 2015
I began to make a deliberate choice to love and accept love
So love has become the single word for 2015
And this year I can’t even begin to imagine what deep love I will learn


Join me in unpacking the meaning of love in 2015.

To life?

I am a pro-life advocate
I love babies
but being pro-life is more
than being anti-abortion
It means being
For Life

Life is hard, and then you die
I get that
Believe me, I think about it every day

But life is worth it

Because this life, here on earth, isn’t the only life

So I do not lose heart
Though my outer self wastes away
My inner self is bring renewed day by day
For this momentary affliction
Prepares for me
An eternal weight of glory beyond compare
So I look not to the life that is seen
But to Life that is unseen
For what is seen is temporary
But what’s unseen is eternal
{paraphrased from 2 Corinthians 4:16-18}

To life!
This one and the next.