she walked with God, and God took her

I used to wonder what it would be like to know someone like Enoch

A man
who walked so closely with God
that one day
while they were walking
God just took him Home

There is a woman I know named Lindsey

The other day
she was walking with God
in the beauty of His creation
and while they were walking
God took her home


My memories
of being with Lindsey
involve walking with her
and as she was always walking with God
God always walked with us

I distinctly remember
talking with her of being thankful
for the many gifts we take for granted
as we walked in the mountains of the Sonoran Desert
and I remember being so thankful I could walk at all

She is one of the most peace-filled people I know
Joy-filled too
I wanted to know her secret
and it was simple:
Walk with God


Grandma’s legacy

She turned the clear plastic stem, opening the window blinds ever so slightly. Enough to let in a little light, but not enough for prying eyes.

The chair she sat in was a hundred years old, the wood cracked, the upholstery thin. She leaned into it, smelling Grandma’s sweet scent, and cried.

She picked up her laptop and began to type. The veil of tears blinded her, so she relied on her fingers’ memory.

Tap tap tap

Each touch echoed through the empty room.

Gone gone gone

The word echoed through her empty mind.

One hand went to her head, the other gently snapped the computer shut. Shouldn’t the tears have run out months ago?

She left the laptop on the chair and wandered into the kitchen. The quiet bubbling in the kettle was comforting, like Grandma was still home. She took two mugs from the cupboard and held them, staring until the hiss of steam brought her back to reality. She returned Grandma’s to the shelf, but lingered, touching the intricate handle.

“I can keep her legacy alive.” The whisper was hardly louder than her breath.

She gently placed Grandma’s mug on the counter beside her own and picked up the phone. Her finger traced the curved path over the numbers. Dialing like this may have been slow, but faster isn’t always better.

“Can you come right away?”

She went back to the stove and poured the boiling water into a delicate teapot. The closet of linens down the hall smelled of lavender and lilac. She selected a lace cloth, carried it to the tea table and in a moment, all was laid.


Even Grandma’s doorbell was delicate.

She turned the smooth brass handle, opening the door wide. Enough to envelop the entry in light and reveal Grandma’s home and a taste of the stories to come to the girls and their mother.

what is life?

a sequel to {what is death}

quiet sometimes
joyful noise at times
invaluable grace-filled gift for all

but not mundane
each moment bursting with
hidden gifts to be discovered

a child breathes
his first breath after
nine precious hidden months
of life

of life
the being and the growing
confound the one who tries to fathom

what is this?
an unasked-for journey
trudging through time for what?

ever nearing
until you breathe your last
at two weeks or two-hundred years
the end

the end?
or the beginning?
for True Life only begins
when this first life ends at last

this is life and death for the Redeemed

what is death?

quiet sometimes
much too loud at times
inescapable for all

is death a normal thing?
if yes then why recoil at a

a child dies
everyone agrees
that this is not as it should be
in life

in life
as in death
the comings and the goings
fatigue the one who tries to fathom

what is this?
an unasked-for journey
trudging though time for what?

ever growing
until the growth stops short
at two weeks or two-hundred years comes

the end
or is it the beginning?
what will happen to you when you

the sequel will be published on Monday… {what is life?}

To life?

I am a pro-life advocate
I love babies
but being pro-life is more
than being anti-abortion
It means being
For Life

Life is hard, and then you die
I get that
Believe me, I think about it every day

But life is worth it

Because this life, here on earth, isn’t the only life

So I do not lose heart
Though my outer self wastes away
My inner self is bring renewed day by day
For this momentary affliction
Prepares for me
An eternal weight of glory beyond compare
So I look not to the life that is seen
But to Life that is unseen
For what is seen is temporary
But what’s unseen is eternal
{paraphrased from 2 Corinthians 4:16-18}

To life!
This one and the next.