I watch the rain

Every day in October, I’m sharing poetry-writing inspiration, exercises, and prompts on jordanelisheva.com for the #31poems challenge. This is the poem I wrote in response to today’s prompt:


I watch the rain run down the window glass,
down the driveway,
down the street.

It washes away the dust of summer,
makes the sidewalk shimmer,
and the asphalt shine.

It obscures the view through the window,
makes the cement slippery,
and the roads flood.

I watch the rain.
How can it be so refreshing
and yet so destructive?


For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this poem, visit today’s #31poems post.

it’s time to cut you off

that’s it.
I’m not putting up with you any longer.
you’ve got to go.

I’m not going to mess with any
“it’s not you it’s me”

it’s not me it’s you.
it’s time to say goodbye.
I’m done pretending I love you.

it’s time to cut you off,
as hard as it may be
to separate myself from you.

my identity was wrapped up in you.
who will I be without you?
I’ve been afraid to know myself apart from you.

but today…
today I bid you

I feel lighter.
I didn’t realize how much you were weighing me down.
it feels good to be free.

I’ll miss you.
life’s going to be different without you.
but honestly? it’ll be different in a good way.

note: Things may not be as they appear. Did you think you were reading about a boyfriend/girlfriend break-up? Well, this is actually a Dear John letter to my long hair. Go ahead, reread it. 😉




for the mothers without children in their arms

{originally published on Heavenly Princess}

When a mother loses a child – through abortion, miscarriage, foster care, or something else – the pain is real…and lasting. My heart goes out to those mothers today.

I’m a mother too
No one knows
And the people who once knew have forgotten
Maybe they think I want them to forget
Maybe they think I’ve forgotten
Maybe I want to
But I can’t
How can a mother forget her child?

I remember
When I see a child the age of the one I don’t have
When I wake in the night and my baby isn’t there
When I least expect it
I remember

I am not alone
We are among you
Hiding in plain sight
Beside you in the classroom
Behind you in church
Before you at work

If you know one of us
If you haven’t forgotten
But think we have
Know that we haven’t
And please
Let us know you haven’t either
Because we are mothers too


we lost a child today

our lives are dedicated to saving lives
educating the public on the value of those lives
helping provide those lives with the care they need

but today a life was snuffed out
the phrase is almost too gentle
even the image of a flaming wick being pinched
is too tranquil a description
for this sort of death

we did what we could
we always do what we can
but it is never enough

never enough
for the thousands
of children who die every day
and it wasn’t enough
for this little one

so we mourn, but we do not lose heart
and in memory of this child lost
we will persevere to save others

Hurt and Healing After Abortion

photo courtesy of Justice For All

photo courtesy of Justice For All

Tears streamed down Paul’s face as he told me about the cousin and sibling that he would never meet because they had been aborted. I listened as he shared the painful circumstances that had led to those tragic decisions, as well as the devastation that had followed—especially in his aunt’s life…

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