Everyone’s Talking About Abortion … What Will You Say?

photo courtesy of Justice For All

My heart is heavy.

In the past few weeks my Facebook feed has exploded with discussion of four videos in which Planned Parenthood representatives converse about body parts from aborted babies destined to be used for research. I won’t comment here on the allegations that Planned Parenthood has broken the law, but I do want to comment on something that hasn’t gotten enough attention amid the stir surrounding the videos…

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God Strengthens Those He Calls

photo courtesy of Justice For All

This year I’ve learned that when God asks us to do something, He provides the strength to do it.

It was hard to uproot myself and move to a new place a year ago, but the JFA team welcomed me with open arms and helped me to transition into this season of my life. God has shown Himself faithful, empowering me to do what I couldn’t do alone. For example, giving me the discernment to balance love and truth with a hurting student named Blake at the end of a tiring day of outreach at UCLA…

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The Power of Listening

photo courtesy of Justice For All


By Tuesday afternoon, I was ready to go home, but we still had a few more hours of outreach at The University of Kansas (KU). I wasn’t motivated to seek out a conversation, so God met me in my weakness and sent me Daniel…

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I walk to work barefoot


I walk to work barefoot

Why?                                                                  .

                                                                      Why not?

Why do you not walk to work?
Why not choose a home
near enough to where
you work and play
to walk?

Why do you wear shoes?
when we have smooth sidewalks and soft grass
do you put plastic on your feet?
Why don’t you want to feel the earth –
the dust from which you came?

I’ve learned a lot walking to work barefoot

How being eccentric can actually make you more approachable

Which leads to meeting that grandma
who’s agreed to provide daycare for her youngest grandchildren
but only until she says a harsh word to them
because she wants the best for them

And that couple from Holland
who not only raised two children of their own
but invited in five girls pregnant with fatherless little ones
to live until they got their feet back under them

I think I know why we’re afraid to walk to work barefoot

We want to protect ourselves

We wear shoes and go from house to car to office to car to house
to avoid feeling
what might be uncomfortable

We strive to maintain a sense of control
to avoid dirty feet
or losing track of time chatting with a neighbor

But what’s so bad about a little mud and conversation?

we lost a child today

our lives are dedicated to saving lives
educating the public on the value of those lives
helping provide those lives with the care they need

but today a life was snuffed out
the phrase is almost too gentle
even the image of a flaming wick being pinched
is too tranquil a description
for this sort of death

we did what we could
we always do what we can
but it is never enough

never enough
for the thousands
of children who die every day
and it wasn’t enough
for this little one

so we mourn, but we do not lose heart
and in memory of this child lost
we will persevere to save others