three little words

I love you


Those three little words will be said many times
before this fourteenth day of February is through
and in many different ways

I can’t help but wonder
how many of these declarations of love
will prove meaningless…

From the child on the playground whose culture tells her that
any relationship between the sexes must be romantic
to the grown up who hasn’t outgrown that same belief

But how many will let today pass without declaring their love?
How many fear those three little words?
And will let their fear win?

when we love someone,
are we afraid to say so?

Is it because we give in to the culture
when it defines love
as a romantic emotion?

Is it because we think
that our love
will be unrequited?

Is it simply because
we doubt

Love is too big and important a thing
for a mere mortal…
When we love, we feel the weight of it

And when we love, we fear the weight of it!
This heavy yoke…
it seeks to control us

We have seen it before —
one who has fallen in love
and is lost to all but the one he loves

But what is so wrong with that?
That is, so long as it is not the transient emotional sort of love that leads…
If the object of true love is good, why not let love lead us into a life driven by love?

For love is of God
and everyone that loves is born of God
and knows God

It is a risk to love

It is a risk to love
What if it doesn’t work out?
Ah, but what if it does?
~Peter McWilliams

It is a risk to love
To open up to another’s hurt
And to let her see yours
What if his hurt is too big for you?
What if your hurt is too big for her?

It is a risk to love
To give without expecting anything in return
And to receive when you have nothing to give
What if he gives nothing in return – not even a thank you?
What if she wants something you can’t give?

It is a risk to love
To say, “I love you”
And to hear, “I love you”
What if he doesn’t say the words back to you?
What if she doesn’t really mean what she’s saying?

But what if love is worth the risk?
What if in sharing your hurts, you find them easier to carry together?
What if in giving and receiving, you find you both have more?
What if the words become truer each time you say or hear them?
What if in loving you find love?