what I’ve been up to

yes…this blog seems to be dying a slow death

but there is a cycle to life

death comes…but so does new birth

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from this blog and poured it into something new!

something better

the new blog is still in its infancy

but it is already showing much promise!

you’re invited to visit the new baby

if any of these titles intrigue you, please click over…

Case Study: Moonlight Dress

How to Become an Artisan

The Divine Miracle of Creation

Bravely Face the Silence

Become a Master of the Thread

our Father is a Good Father!

He delights in giving good gifts to His children!
If I ask Him for bread
why would I think He might give me a stone?
If I ask for a fish
why am I afraid He might hand me a snake?

I’ve had enough of small faith!
I’ve seen enough of His goodness
to know that I can expect to see more!
I’ve been held by Him in the dark
so I will trust He will carry me into the light!

Thank you, Abba!

little known fact about me…

I’ve been blogging for over a decade.
That may not seem like much until
you realize that means I started blogging as a preteen.

That blog is still on the internet somewhere…
{no, I’m not going to link to it here}

After that blog
came another
and another
and another.
Then there was this blog.

I’m not referring to individual blog posts
I’m saying I’ve had four completely different blog webpages
before this one.

Having started them throughout
my preteen and teen years,
I quickly outgrew them.

I’ve almost outgrown this one.
So, predictably,
I started a new one.
New content every Monday.

Maybe I’ll write for both
for awhile,
but I don’t know how long that will last.

I may let jordannewhouse.wordpress.com
become dormant.

So if you want to keep hearing from me,
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