Framing Faith {book review}

In Framing Faith, Matt Knisely puts life in perspective
the metaphor is photography

each part of the book – FOCUS, CAPTURE, DEVELOP – applies not only to photography
but also to life

For me, each photo I take needs to say something very clearly. The message and the meaning cannot be ambiguous. The images shape my half-articulated feelings, casting light into my inner depths and exposing my deepest, truest self.

The way I process my work is a reflection of how I process life.

~Matt Knisely in Framing Faith

I read the book because my sister and my dad are photographers
in fact, I got the book for my sister
but wanted to read and review it before giving it to her
I didn’t think it would be very applicable to me personally
but I was wrong
because the images expressed on the pages of this book
reveal the truth about every art form
photography, writing . . . and simply doing life

[Writers] write with detailed precision in an attempt to make sure every word counts, so that only the backspace key knows the true work that has been put into a sentence.

~Matt Knisely in Framing Faith

I recommend this book to artists of all kinds
that they may gain a deeper understanding of the art of making art
as well as the art of life

And I recommend this book to those who don’t think they are artists
that they may find that they too create art
in their everyday lives

I received this book free from the publisher through BookLook
I was not required to write a positive review
The opinions I have expressed are my own

in response to William Carlos Williams


Beginning years ago, Marge Pellegrino has inspired and encouraged me to write. I had the privilege of participating in one of her workshops this week, and this is the result of one of the exercises…

By William Carlos Williams

When I was younger
it was plain to me
I must make something of myself.
Older now
I walk back streets
admiring the houses
of the very poor:
roof out of line with sides
the yards cluttered
with old chicken wire, ashes,
furniture gone wrong;
the fences and outhouses
built of barrel staves
and parts of boxes, all,
if I am fortunate,
smeared a bluish green
that properly weathered
pleases me best of all colors.
No one
will believe this
of vast import to the nation.

It takes a moment of reflection;
a moment to choose to absorb the emotion
of a certain time and space
to appreciate what is of true value in the world.
What is progress?
What is productivity?
Only a certain person’s perception.
What is purpose?
Now that is a better question to ask
for purpose transcends
both progress and productivity.
Neither of these exist in a moment;
both must rest on the past and the future,
but purpose —
purpose simply is.
It does not rely on what has been
or what is to come,
but rather it defines that which is
as well as that which was
and that which will be.

Ready and Eager for the Next Conversation

ready and eager

photo courtesy of Justice For All

     One thing that helped me decide to do full-time pro-life work was JFA founder David Lee’s encouragement to “multiply myself.”
See, years ago, when I first encountered JFA, I was blown away by how the training program prepared me to have difficult conversations. I felt equipped, not just to participate in JFA’s outreach, but to continue to talk about abortion and other hard topics in my everyday life…

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It is a risk to love

It is a risk to love
What if it doesn’t work out?
Ah, but what if it does?
~Peter McWilliams

It is a risk to love
To open up to another’s hurt
And to let her see yours
What if his hurt is too big for you?
What if your hurt is too big for her?

It is a risk to love
To give without expecting anything in return
And to receive when you have nothing to give
What if he gives nothing in return – not even a thank you?
What if she wants something you can’t give?

It is a risk to love
To say, “I love you”
And to hear, “I love you”
What if he doesn’t say the words back to you?
What if she doesn’t really mean what she’s saying?

But what if love is worth the risk?
What if in sharing your hurts, you find them easier to carry together?
What if in giving and receiving, you find you both have more?
What if the words become truer each time you say or hear them?
What if in loving you find love?



They say missing someone isn’t about how long it’s been since you’ve seen them
oh, but it’s been a long time
or the amount of time since you’ve talked
I hung up, what, five minutes ago?
it’s about the moment you find yourself doing something
and wishing they were right by your side

and that moment has come to me so many thousands of times in the past months

so many times I wanted you by my side
as I had countless new experiences and wanted to share them with you
as I met with exciting situations that terrified me but would have invigorated you
as I wanted your help, your support, your enthusiasm, your joy
I missed you

but today I don’t so much want you by my side
as I want to be by your side
you don’t know how I tried to be there…
but I’m here, miles away
missing you

Happy 18th Birthday Moriah!

see you soon…but not soon enough!